Whether you want to know more about a specific artwork, or you`d like to be presented an offer/and or a sample for a possible commission, or you just like my artwork, I`d love reading your message: Linda Eve Catania
About me: I let myself be consumed by the beauty of nature, by diversity and the innate love of all things. I graduated as zoologist at university of zurich accomplishing my thesis at the departement of wildlife research and ethology. A couple of years I worked within this field and then I moved on developing quitaddiction therapy as a NLP Trainer. All along from childhood on I was into all creative stuff including drawing and painting. I try to get both of my brainhemispheres buzzing on equal rates.
Link to my Workshops for groups: togetherpainting.art
heArt by lineve
10%: Zehn Prozent des Reinerlöses eines jeden Gemäldes spende ich der Stiftung BOS . Diese engagiert sich für die Erhaltung des Lebensraumes der Orang Utans auf Borneo und der lokalen Bevölkerung. Wundervolle intelligente Primaten, die unseren Planeten zusammen mit vielen anderen fantastischen Schöpfungen einzigartig beseelen.
- ARTSCI.CH Hémisphères: 29th April – 10th May 2019 mein Oelbild “pi” https://artsci.ethz.ch/homepage/
Mein Oelbild Hirsch+ an der ARTBOX.PROJECTS Ausstellung im HB Zürich vom 20. - 24. August 2020 während der SWISSARTEXPO
Hirsch+, Oelbild 100 x 140cm, 2017 by Lineve Hirsch+, Oelbild 100 x 140cm, 2017 by Lineve
Artbox Project World 1.0 4. Jan - 31. März 2021 artboxproject.com